Be Sure to Avoid Doing These Six Things After a Truck Accident

After a serious or tragic event, it can be very important for the individual going through the ordeal to talk about it. When it comes to an accident with a commercial truck, it’s no different. But did you know that venting, especially on social media, can ruin your chances of winning your truck accident claim?

At the Cardone Law Firm, we understand that these types of events are traumatic, and sometimes speaking to someone can make you feel better. That’s what our New Orleans truck accident attorneys are here for. We will gladly lend an ear for a free legal consultation to determine if you’ve got a case. It could be the first step you need to get the recovery you deserve.

Also, please make sure to consider the following if you or a loved one is having to deal with being a victim of a commercial truck accident.

1. Avoid Apologizing

While it is second nature to apologize—either if you were indeed at fault or if you are genuinely sorry that the accident happened—don’t.

It’s not considered rude, at least not in a truck accident setting. Apologizing will always come off negative. It can be perceived as giving an admittance to having some responsibility in the accident, which can ultimately harm your truck accident claim.

2. Avoid Posting About Your Truck Accident on Social Media

Nothing good will come of posting accident photos to your Instagram account. No amount of likes on your Facebook or Twitter will be worth the compensation you are set to lose for posting about your truck accident on social media.

Insurance adjusters and defense lawyers are exceptionally good at finding any dirt they can about you online, and posting about your truck accident makes it that much easier. Any posts, statuses, tweets, images, blogs, vlogs, or updates of that nature can be used to discredit your claim in a court of law.

Just don’t post anything regarding your truck accident on social media!

3. Avoid Speculating About What Happened

When talking to a police officer, taking a guess at what happened may put you at risk of dismantling your own case in the future.

Police officers at the scene of an accident are quite good at piecing together everything that happened before, during, and following a truck accident. But that’s not all. Accident reconstruction experts and other specialists can weigh in with their data as well.

Meanwhile, your attorney – preferably Cliff from the Cardone Law Firm – will sift through the evidence and data available to get a full understanding of happened and who was at fault. Speculating, though, and discussing your ideas with police officers, insurance adjusters, and other individuals can put you in bad standing.

4. Avoid Discussing Your Truck Accident With Anyone Other Than Your Lawyer

It is generally a bad idea to speak about the details of your truck accident to anyone, even a loved one. Misunderstandings can happen, and what you say can be taken out of context or misconstrued completely.

If you receive a notification or phone call from someone looking to discuss your truck accident, only mention that they must speak with your lawyer. Anything other than that can hurt your insurance claim.

5. Avoid Signing Any Documentation or Providing a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster

When an insurance adjuster calls about your claim, more than likely they will try to get a recorded statement from you. A recorded statement is generally your take on the truck accident.

While it may seem that they mean well, decline giving it. There are currently no laws that force you to provide one, and it only serves to benefit the insurance and/or trucking companies.

If you feel the need to give one, you may postpone it to a later date, preferably after you’ve received counsel from your lawyer. Remember, you are bound to what you tell the insurance adjuster.

Also, the adjuster may send you a medical release form – which allows them to obtain your medical records – via mail. They may explain that in order to proceed with your claim, you must sign and return the document immediately.

Be aware that providing any information recklessly on your part is a surefire way to forfeit your case. Giving the insurance company access to your medical records isn’t limited to the injuries that you sustained during the truck accident. They can go back to any previous time you visited a doctor or hospital and claim that the injury that you received during the truck accident was actually a previous injury, thus reducing their liability.

Your experienced attorneys at the Cardone Law Firm will always advise you on what documents you should sign. We are happy to clarify anything that is unclear to you.

6. Avoid Neglecting the Doctor’s Orders

Your doctor has your best interest at heart, too. Avoid neglecting their advice, treatment plan, medications prescribed, or any other particular orders that they give you.

While you may feel better, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at 100 percent health yet, so don’t risk hurting yourself again. Besides, if you aren’t careful, your opposition may find that you are feeling better, and they may outright deny your truck accident claim, citing that you weren’t seriously injured enough to be awarded compensation.

Recruit the truck accident attorneys of the Cardone Law Firm today.

The Cardone Law Firm will always have your best interests at heart, and we will never lead you astray. By avoiding these six detriments to your truck accident claim and enlisting Cliff Cardone, you unlock over 40 years of experience in dealing with insurances that act in bad faith and trucking companies that act for their own interests.

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