Five Large Truck Failures That Lead to Accidents

In the early morning hours of December 18, 2017, an 18-wheeler flipped over on I-10 East in Louisiana, effectively bringing Gonzales traffic to a standstill. It took three hours to clear the scene which included a roadway drenched with diesel fuel leaking from the big rig.

At its worst, traffic delay reached 7 miles in length. Luckily, no one was killed as a result of this accident.

While it may be uncertain as to what exactly caused this particular 18-wheeler to tip, often times it can be attributed to a failure of some sort within these large trucks. At Cardone Law Firm, we have worked in a variety of 18-wheeler accident and personal injury cases. Our dedicated and trusted New Orleans attorneys recognize that a mechanical failure in these gigantic vehicles can quickly lead to tragedy.

When Cardone Law Firm takes your case, find comfort in knowing that we work with a team of experts and investigators who will find the underlying reasons for your 18-wheeler accident. Some of the most frequently cited reasons include:

The Brake System

A faulty braking system can cause a lot more than vehicle or property damage. It can take and destroy lives.

A failure in the braking system is one of the primary reasons that large truck accidents occur. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 30 percent of all commercial truck accidents—including 18-wheelers, semis, big rigs, flatbeds, and tankers—are caused by a braking system failure.

Fleet owners and drivers are responsible for checking for poor air pressure, worn out components, and thorough brake system inspections.

The Tires

Failing tires are the second most specified cause of large truck accidents.

A tire is a delicate environment of balanced air pressure. A little too much pressure can cause heat to generate, ruining the integrity of the sidewall of the tire and causing tire failure. Too little air pressure can cause the tire to bend in unnatural ways, stressing the material of the tire and eventually leading to a blowout. These blowouts can cause an 18-wheeler to swerve dangerously into a lane and even jackknife – potentially causing a serious accident.

Overweight Trucks

One of the main causes of low tire pressure can be attributed to overweight trucks.

Vehicles and towing commercial trucks work under a system known as gross vehicle weight rating. This is the maximum operating weight of a vehicle as specified by the manufacturer. If a semi-truck is over the limit, it can place a lot of stress on the tires and further strain the braking system – leading to a serious or even deadly accident.

There are laws and standards set in place to protect other drivers on the road from these types of situations, but unfortunately, not every freight company follows these legal guidelines.

The Lighting System

This system is a key component of on-the-road communication, and if it is failing, it can cause a bad accident.

If a vehicle’s blinkers aren’t in proper working condition, a driver can run the risk of crushing another motorist when merging into a lane. If a bulb is out or a circuit is worn, it can disable the warning lights, causing another vehicle to slam into the tractor trailer from behind.

Driver Negligence

If you have been involved in an accident where a negligent semi-truck driver acted in any of the following ways, phone Cardone today:

  1. Speeding – it can take a large, speeding semi-truck over 500 feet to come to a complete stop.
  2. Making an illegal maneuver – making a right or left turn while in the wrong lane, making a u-turn in a prohibited area, or going down the wrong way are all considered illegal driving maneuvers.
  3. Inadequate surveillance – the driver failed to check his blind spot or failed to look both ways before making a turn.
  4. Distracted driving – eating while driving, using a cell phone while driving, daydreaming, or using electronics are all considered distracted driving behaviors.

Being a 18-wheeler driver demands a lot of responsibility, and if the driver is cutting corners in terms of inspections, overloading cargo into the trailer, or failing to adhere to the laws of the road, he or she could be putting other drivers at risk.

Have you or a loved one fallen victim to a large truck accident caused by a mechanical or driver failure? Let Cardone Law Firm be the steady hand to guide you through these difficult times.

Big commercial truck companies owe you for the pain and suffering they have caused you, and at Cardone Law Firm, we aim to serve justice on your behalf.

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