New Orleans Visitors: Know How to Deal With an Injury or Accident Far From Home

Greater New Orleans provides a wealth of amazing tourist attractions. The area also boasts several outstanding institutions of higher learning, including Tulane University, Loyola University and Xavier University. The area’s attractions offer artistic, cultural and historical enrichment, but they also present, like any other location, the risk of injury. Whether you’re a student from out of state, or a visiting tourist or business convention attendee, knowing the proper steps to take if you’re injured here is essential to minimizing your stress and maximizing the protection of your rights.

Certainly, one of the most popular destinations for tourists and college students is Canal Street and the French Quarter. Recent events, though, have shown the potential for harm in this area. This past summer, a woman sued over injuries she suffered as a result of stepping into an uncovered water meter hole on Canal Street. A man also filed a negligence suit against a French Quarter bar in January as a result of a severe beating he received in the bar’s parking lot.

While neither the woman not the man may have been students or tourists, their injuries nevertheless spotlight the potential misfortunes that can befall students or tourists visiting New Orleans. Regrettably, injured students and tourists do not know how to handle this situation. Even if they recognize their injuries right away, they may not know where to turn. Others might not discover their injuries until they have returned home, and may feel at a loss regarding how to find an attorney now that they have left the state.

Some students or tourists may have a local attorney in their home state, but most do not. If they do have an attorney, that attorney likely is not permitted to handle a case in Louisiana. Most people, unfortunately, do not even have a home-state attorney, and have no idea where to turn. This uncertainty can lead to delayed action, which is often harmful, or even fatal, to success. The longer you delay in retaining a Louisiana attorney and in bringing your case, the more you risk losing the chance to preserve evidence, secure witness testimony and ensure your case meets the statute of limitations for filing suit.

Whether you are a student or a tourist, and whether your injuries are immediately noticeable or not discovered until you return home, retaining capable, experienced Louisiana counsel right away is key. Your local Louisiana attorney will know all of the applicable state laws, including evidentiary requirements and filing deadlines. A local Louisiana attorney will also likely have local resources that can provide invaluable assistance in obtaining and organizing the evidence you’ll need to prove your case.

If you’re a visitor or student, and you’ve been injured while in Louisiana, the Louisiana personal injury attorneys at the Cardone Law Firm are here to help. We have extensive experience representing both tourists and the students of the area’s colleges and universities. Contact us right away, so that we can begin helping you. We have the resources, the knowledge and the experience to advocate for you as you seek to assert your rights, even while doing so from long distance.

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