When Tragedy Strikes: Rebuilding After Hurricane Laura

man looking at damage to homeResidents of the Louisiana gulf coast are not strangers to hurricanes, but there is no doubt that there is a long road ahead for those who are heading home from evacuation and beginning to salvage what is left of their homes.

Hurricane Laura ripped through the southwestern region of Louisiana early Thursday morning leaving many homes and businesses in ruins. The storm also left at least six people dead before continuing to travel northeast. The storm may have moved quickly, but it surely left a path of destruction behind.

Although some areas experienced flooding due to storm surge, Laura’s vicious winds, which reached up to 150 mph, was the cause of most of the damage. Strong winds have the ability to shatter windows, detach shingles, cause significant roof damage, flip mobile homes, and uproot large trees. Laura did just that. It is estimated that regions of Louisiana and Texas suffered up to $12 billion in insured losses with residential and commercial property damage totaling less than $500 million.

wind damage hurricaneNot only do victims of natural disasters have to deal with the catastrophic damage to their property, they also must deal with the insurance company. More often than not, insurance companies deny or underpay claims, or they do not pay within a timely manner. This prevents individuals from getting the necessary repairs needed for their home. No home or business owner is ever really prepared for the immense financial burden placed on you by a devastating event.

The reason individuals pay these insurance premiums is to protect themselves from natural disasters such as Hurricane Laura. So, do not let a powerful insurance company keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Documenting the damages to your property and keeping records is crucial because it can strengthen your case. The more evidence you have, the harder it is for an insurance company to lowball you. Maintaining good records includes:

• Keeping track of any correspondence between you and anyone regarding your claim
• Having a copy of your policy
• Pictures and videos of your property before and after the damage
• Jotting down important facts and dates, such as the date you reported your damage and when an appraisal was done
• Keeping receipts and invoices of any out of pocket repairs performed

Be sure to check out our Hurricane Damage Checklist for more information.hurricane laura damageThe Cardone Law Firm is dedicated to helping Louisiana residents rebuild during these difficult times. Allow us to help you get back to your normal life without the hassle of dealing with stingy insurance companies.

To make sure you are not taken advantage of during these vulnerable times, contact an attorney to help you. Attorney Cliff Cardone serves clients all throughout Louisiana with offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette. Let us help you through the necessary steps needed to make a hurricane damage claim.

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