Do Not Let COVID-19 Impact Your Personal Injury Case

I’m sure we have all noticed the major difference in traffic during our daily commute. Because of many individuals being out of work, working remotely or simply not having to follow their every day routines, the roads are much less crowded.

With states all across the country implementing stay-at-home orders and encouraging people to only leave their homes for essential needs, Americans are driving less than before. With fewer drivers on the road, we are seeing a sharp decline in car wrecks and auto claims.

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In a recent interview, Snapsheet Chief Operating Office, Andy Cohen, reported an overall 40 to 50% drop in auto claims for personal vehicles as a result of fewer drivers on the road within the last month. Additionally, commercial vehicle claims are down approximately 30 to 40 percent. Some smaller carriers have even seen decreases as much as 80%. He reported that he expects this pandemic related claim frequency to be the industry’s lowest in 50 years.

According to a report done in just the third week of March, minor accidents had dropped 60 percent, serious accidents fell 78 percent, and fatal accidents were down almost 100 percent. This data shows that the amount of traffic and congestion on the road can directly affect the frequency of auto accidents.

However, this is a double-edged sword. As we see distracted driving and the number of car accidents lowering, the speed of traffic has increased. Although there are less cars on the road, drivers still have the duty to be a reasonably prudent driver as to not cause a careless car accident.

Moreover, insurance companies are assuming much less of a risk during these times. Major car insurance companies, like Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, etc., are even refunding their policyholders a portion of  their paid premiums due to inactivity. Most companies have vowed to refund premiums paid for the months of April and May. This means that customers will receive about a 10 -15 percent refund; however, some companies will be refunding as much as 35 percent.

Insurance companies have also decided to not cancel customer coverage for nonpayment through May 15th. They have also expanded coverage for drivers delivering food or medicine, which is in high demand right now. These companies believe this is the best way to show that they value their customers, especially during such unprecedented times.

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Because fewer accidents are occurring, personal injury claims are also on the decline. But, accidents are still inevitably going to occur, and the Cardone Law Firm is here for you.

If you are involved in an accident, it is crucial to seek medical attention. Although there is a legitimate fear of contracting the virus by going to hospitals right now, medical treatment will, without a doubt, maximize the value of your case and will lead to a more generous settlement.

doctor virtually examine patientMany of the physicians we work with are using telemedicine during the pandemic. Telemedicine is the use of technology that enables remote health care and allows doctors to virtually treat their patients whenever and wherever. It is incredible to see the medical services that can be performed just through a computer screen.  These interactive exams often times make healthcare more accessible, cost-effective, and increases patient engagement.

During these times of isolation, evidence of telemedicine treatment could make or break your case. Proof of medical examination is one of the most important factors in your personal injury case, so continuing treatment remotely is in your best interest. By submitting these exams, you are able to prove a pattern of ongoing treatment and the extent of your injuries, which ultimately enhances the value of your case.

Furthermore, while the courthouses being closed may delay the time it takes to resolve your case, we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. Do not be discouraged to follow through with your personal injury claim during these times of uncertainty.

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