Fiery Crash on the Bonnet Carre Spillway

Over the weekend a fiery crash occurred between two pickup trucks traveling west on Interstate 10. The crash happened on the Bonnet Carre Spillway Bridge, which has been proven to be a dangerous stretch of the interstate heading into or away from the city of New Orleans. The collision happened around 1 pm in the afternoon on Father’s day in which the police believe one pickup truck rammed into the back of another. The driver of the truck that was hit slowed down in order to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him. Photos of the accident have been uploaded to social media sites which show the extent of the vehicle fire that produced a column of black smoke. Fortunately, the state police are reporting that there were no serious injuries.

This stretch of the interstate is known for horrible crashes due to the excessive speed of drivers and the lack of police officers patrolling the area. This section of the interstate often has one lane closed due to repairs on the bridge or the installation of traffic monitoring systems which lead to bad back ups and car crashes. A year ago, state police reported two fatal accidents that happened on the same section of the bridge as the crash that occurred over this past weekend. The fatal accident crash occurred around 4 am when a car was driving westbound when it hit the left guardrail and spun around facing oncoming traffic with its lights out. An 18 wheeler stopped to block the car from other vehicles but a street sweeper crashed into the 18 wheeler at a high rate of speed causing the death of the driver and passenger of the sweeper.

These accidents on the interstate and anywhere else can be prevented by drivers acting in a safe and prudent manner. People need to be aware of the speeds posted on the interstate because they are being constantly changed due to road repairs and other factors. Many of the accidents that happen lately are also caused by inattentive drivers such as people using their phones while on the road. Drivers have to look down at their phones to text, call, or look at social websites. Not looking at the road, even for an instant, will lead to unnecessary accidents causing crippling injuries and even death. Studies show that answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds which is enough time to travel the length of a football field. It is necessary for drivers to use common sense while driving to prevent car crashes that can ruin lives forever.

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