Recovering After a Car Accident

In any car accident, there is the potential for serious injury – or even a fatality – to occur. But many times, what can’t be seen is as dangerous as the visible scars left on a victim.

At the Cardone Law Firm, our New Orleans personal injury attorneys have years of first-hand experience dealing with the aftermath of car accidents. We know that the mental and emotional damage that can be inflicted on a victim of a auto accident can be just as serious as the physical harm suffered.

During those dark days, it’s vital to remember that you are not alone if you have a strong emotional reaction to being in a car accident. Also, take comfort in the knowledge that most people make a full recovery from the effects of a car accident.

Below you will find a number of tips to follow to help you bounce back faster after an accident.

Recovery Tips Following an Auto Accident

Before you even lay out a plan to get your mental health back to where it needs to be, remember that there is no uniform timeline for recovery. You will recover at your own pace, and even if you take longer than you anticipate, it does not mean that you are doing things wrong or won’t eventually recover.

The following tips can help you on your path to getting better:

  1. Listen to your doctor. Many people hate going to the doctor and will try to avoid it at all costs. They might even be a bit skeptical if the treatment they receive doesn’t work right away. Have faith in these well-trained physicians and medical professionals. Make sure to follow the schedule they provide you, and set an appointment if you don’t see improvements or have a setback.
  2. Relax, sleep, and rest as needed. However you want to say it, you have to slow down after an accident. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sleep all day for weeks on end, but you need to allow your body to heal. This can also include taking it light on working out (or even avoiding it if necessary).
  3. Don’t hold your feelings in.  This is good advice in general, but especially true after a traumatic event. We all have people in our lives who we speak with regularly and who we trust. They are waiting to help, all you have to do is reach out. You can also speak with professional counselors if the event has left you emotionally scarred.
  4. Fight back against anxiety and nerves. There are many options available to individuals to combat anxiety after an accident including some non-traditional methods such as yoga and meditation. If you can’t find a method that works for you, talk to your doctor or a mental health provider about additional treatment choices, like medication.
  5. Stay engaged in your life. In relation to keeping your feelings in, you also shouldn’t keep yourself bottled up either. Too much time alone, contemplating the event of your accident, opens the door to worry and repetitive negative thoughts. If possible, try to spend some time exercising, hanging out with friends or family, walking or playing with a pet, and enjoying a funny show or movie. Simple activities can help you get your mind away from bad thoughts and focusing on the good things around you.

When Self-Recovery Fails

Try as we might, sometimes, things don’t go according to our original plans and that can be the case when recovering from the mental and emotional scars left from a severe car accident. The important thing is to not see this as a “failure” or relate it to some negative emotion.

If a month or more has gone by and you are still having trouble with anxiety and/or other emotional struggles, you should consider consulting a mental health professional. Your continued symptoms may be a sign of PTSD.

While post-traumatic stress disorder is often characterized by soldiers or victims of abuse, the truth is that any traumatic incident can cause an individual to develop the condition. Some signs to look out for are trouble sleeping, particularly nightmares, and constantly having the accident playing back in your mind. If you are scared to get near or into cars, that is also a strong indicator of a deeper issue.

The symptoms above, as well as others like changes in moods, can negatively impact your life, disrupt your job performance, and have serious effects on your relationships with others including your spouse.

Don’t let doubt or embarrassment keep you from the aid that you need and that is available to you.

Finally, never feel that there is no legal help for you when you are dealing with the mental and emotional effects of a car accident. You can recover damages for your medical bills and other costs that arise due to emotional struggles.

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