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cardonelawfirmslipandfall-300x225In your personal injury case, the road to success involves many, many steps. Some of them definitely involve the facts of your case, such as the nature of the accident and the nature of your injuries. Others, though, involve things that are more procedural or tactical in nature, including the process of discovery in your case. This is one of many areas in which a Louisiana slip-and-fall attorney is extremely beneficial to you. Whether you are making discovery requests or responding to them, your knowledgeable counsel can make sure that you are complying with the rules and avoiding pitfalls along the way. In one recent slip-and-fall case from Alexandria, the management of the discovery process was integral to the injured man’s success.

The plaintiff was a man walking through an Alexandria, La. hospital in 2006. As he walked across a sloped ramp that was part of a skybridge, he slipped and fell. The man was hurt in the fall, and he eventually sued for damages. Initially, the hospital admitted, within its response to a “Request for Admissions” made by the plaintiff, that the plaintiff fell in water, that the wet spot was a result of mopping performed by the hospital’s custodian, and that the custodian removed warning signs from the area when he finished mopping, which was mere minutes before the plaintiff encountered the area and fell.

The lawsuit advanced slowly. The hospital’s admission about the wet spot was made in 2012. Three years after that, and nine years after the accident, the hospital asked the court to allow it to change its responses to the plaintiff’s first request for admissions. The trial court rejected the hospital’s request to change its answers. Armed with these unaltered responses to the request for admissions, the plaintiff asked the court to issue a partial summary judgment in his favor. The trial court agreed and entered the order in favor of the injured man.

cardonelawfirmautoinsurance-300x200It is illegal to drive without a valid driver’s license. It is also illegal for you to give permission to person to drive your vehicle who does not have a valid driver’s license. However, just because it is illegal, does not mean people do not do it all the time.

At our office, we have recently seen an influx of auto accident cases where individuals were hit by a driver who was driving a vehicle with a suspended license. A suspended license is like having no license at all under the law. A person’s license can be suspended for many reasons. Often our clients who were hit by a driver with a suspended license to not even realize it until they see a copy of the police report.

The question for many of our clients becomes, Will the insurance company pay for my injuries and my property damage that this unlicensed driver caused me? The short answer is, likely yes, but it depends. It is likely the auto insurance company will be required to pay for a person who was injured or sustained property damage in an accident with an unlicensed driver.

cardonelawfirmpedestrian-300x180Everyone has heard the phrase “pedestrians have the right of way.” The purpose of this blog post is to give you more information on the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians under Louisianalaw. Those rights depend on many different factors, for example, is the pedestrian in a crosswalk or not in a crosswalk? How is the visibility for the driver and the pedestrian? What other traffic controls are present in the area? Is it an emergency situation? And many other factors, which are discussed here.

If you have been to New Orleans lately, you know many pedestrians do not obey traffic signals. It is common both for locals and tourists here to disregard a red-light and cross the street. After you read this article, you may understand why pedestrians are so nonchalant about violating this law.

The law provides that pedestrians must obey traffic control signals, but in the event the pedestrian does not pay attention or disregards the traffic signal, does that mean the pedestrian is at fault if they are hit and injured in an accident? The answer is no. Although pedestrians are bound to follow traffic control signals, they are also afforded certain “privileges”. Louisiana law is very favorable to the “privileges” of pedestrians.

Cardonelawfirmblog-300x185If you have ever looked at a map or a set of turn-by-turn directions on an online navigation system, you know that, whatever your destination, there is often more than one way to get there. Each has its own advantages. One may be faster, one may be shorter, and one may be more scenic. The law can work a little like that sometimes. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s fault, there may be more than one way to pursue damages. The accident case of a man who fell outside a fast-food restaurant offers an example of this in action.

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cardonelawfirmblog-300x200When you are injured on a store or business’ property, there may be several obstacles in your way that potentially block you from success in your premises liability case. One common obstacle is the “open and obvious” rule, which says generally that, if a hazard was something that a reasonable person would have seen, the property owner isn’t liable. The key to winning is finding a way to overcome those hurdles, as one customer at a dollar store recently did in her Louisiana case, getting a renewed chance to pursue the store despite the fact that the hazard that caused her fall was a large box placed on the floor of the store.

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injury-wire-300x160When it comes to auto accidents that cause injuries, many can be what you might call “typical.” For example, Driver A rear-ends Driver B, causing injuries to Driver B’s neck, back, or lower body. Or, perhaps, Driver 1 runs a red light, and Driver 2 crashes into Driver 1, causing injuries to Driver 2. Sometimes, though, your vehicle accident may be far from “typical.” Even when that happens, that doesn’t mean you cannot recover damages for your injuries.

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mardi-gras-injury-300x200In New Orleans, you don’t need an excuse to parade or party. Mardi Gras is one of the biggest holidays in New Orleans generating an estimated $840 million dollars each year. Mardi Gras draws millions of people, according to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city’s 37,000-plus hotel rooms are traditionally filled during Mardi Gras. Add the mass amounts of tourists in with the locals, and copious amounts of alcohol and partying – and you are bound to have a few accidents.

This year approximately 2 dozen people were injured when a drunk driver hit two vehicles and then plowed into the Endymion parade crowd at the intersection of Carrollton and Orleans Avenue. This article will discuss our legal analysis of the rights of those injured in the crash and special laws in Louisiana limiting liability of Mardi Gras Krewes under certain circumstances.


Paul-Walker-Crash-300x175Many people have a certain stigma against lawsuits, they believe lawsuits are frivolous and only serve to drive up insurance premiums. And anyone who has been involved in a lawsuit can attest, a lawsuit is often contentious and time consuming. But have you ever taken the time to think about all of the positive aspects of lawsuits? Many haven’t. We would like to expand on the benefits of lawsuits using the recent discovery by counsel for Paul Walker in his daughter’s lawsuit against Porsche.


On November 30, 2013, Walker was killed after the Porsche Carrera GT, in which he was riding as a passenger, crashed into a concrete light pole and several trees. The photographs of the collision were devastating and showed the mangled car crushed and burned. Because of Walker’s long-time involvement with the racing movie series, The Fast and the Furious, and the severe damage to the car, many assumed the collision was caused as a result of high speed travel and the careless operation of the driver, Roger Rodas. However, Walker’s daughter concluded there was more to the accident than met the eye.

We are living in a corporate world. Tcocktailoday, more than ever before, employees are working more. And like Donna Summer said they work “hard for the money, so hard for it honey…” Any person trying to climb the corporate ladder knows, if you don’t go the extra mile, be prepared to be replaced by someone who will. It is not uncommon for an employee to work 9-5 and then go immediately to a networking or marketing event after hours for which they receive no compensation.

As a result of the increasing burden and demands on employees, many companies offer employee perks such as cell phones, computers and company vehicles. These perks are a win/win – they come at no cost to the employee, and for the employer, there is an added benefit – the employee can easily maneuver from place to place and be accessible which turns into realized profit. Most companies have policies in place providing an employee can only use a company vehicle, phone or computer when they are “on-the-clock” and that these perks are to be used for “business purposes” only. The mix of company perks and after hours expectations create blurred lines with respect to legal liability.

It’s New Orleans, and we all love the Saints. On any given Sunday, you can walk through the Superdome and see countless suites sponsored by corporate entities flowing with laughter, food and booze. Here’s the scenario, a company salesman hops in his company car on a Sunday to pick up some clients and take them to the game. Upon arriving , they all go to the company suite, drink liquor purchased and provided by the company, and after a big win and one too many rounds of tequila shots and singing “stand-up and get crunk”, the employee drives home in the company vehicle causing a devastating accident. Who is responsible? What rights do the victims have? Is the company on the hook?

accidentreconstruction1While we attorneys believe we know it all, there is a reason why we didn’t’ go to medical school. The great Albert Einstein, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Experts can play a crucial part to a client’s case. This blog post will discuss the importance of a biomechanical expert in an automobile accident.


Auto accidents are not always black and white, when there is a gray area, science may fill in the gaps. As trial attorneys, many lawyers are faced with the all too common qualms of getting ones argument across to a jury. Whether it be a complex medical malpractice case or a three car accident, the law and circumstances can seem so abstract to a lay person. Charts, visuals, and experts are specifically helpful in a personal injury lawsuit.