The Different Forms of Compensation to Which You May Be Entitled in Your Louisiana Elevator Accident Case

A recent report of an elevator accident and the lawsuit it triggered is a reminder that elevator accidents can be seriously harmful events for those involved, and they can lead to a wide array of harms suffered by that person (or people). When those injuries are results of an improperly maintained elevator (or some other form of negligence by the owner), those injured may have a case for compensation. If you’ve been hurt in an elevator accident, be sure to contact a skilled New Orleans elevator accident attorney right away to discuss your options.

The recent report, published in the Louisiana Record, detailed the elevator accident of a woman named Nekita. Nekita was riding in a parking facility elevator in Downtown New Orleans when the elevator allegedly malfunctioned. According to the woman’s lawsuit, the elevator car began to shake and to move up and down in an abnormal fashion. During the entire period of malfunctioning, Nekita was trapped in the elevator car and unable to leave, according to her lawsuit.

Incidents like the one this woman allegedly underwent are unfortunately not that uncommon. What people may not immediately realize, though (but Nekita’s case potentially points out), is that an elevator accident can have a wide array of damaging impacts on those directly affected.

In her lawsuit, Nekita asked for an award of damages to compensate her for both the physical and the emotional harm she suffered as a result of the incident. Certainly, you may be able to obtain compensation for the physical harm that you suffer as a result of your elevator accident. The individuals or entities that own or control a property with an elevator have a duty to make sure that the elevator is maintained properly and is in properly safe working order. If a space is rented, you may be able to seek compensation from the tenant or the landlord. In some situations, you may be able to sue both.

The compensation you receive may include an award of damages for the medical expenses you have incurred and reasonably will incur in the future. For example, if you suffer a back injury or a brain injury in your elevator accident, your injury may cause you to need extensive follow-up care, and those medical bills can mount up.

You may also be entitled to other forms of compensation. If, for example, your elevator accident caused a broken foot or serious back injury, that harm might leave you unable to work. Depending on the proof you provide to the court, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost earnings (both past and future).

Your case may also include a claim for compensation for emotional harm. Some people experience severe emotional complications as a result of their elevator accidents, including debilitating problems with post-traumatic stress.

Elevator accidents can be very damaging for those involved. Make sure you have the experienced advocate you need for your elevator accident case. Contact the Cardone Law Firm, where our experienced Louisiana premises liability lawyers have spent many years providing our clients with the determined and diligent representation their cases deserve.

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