BP Settlement Funds Available for Businesses

The BP rig explosion caused the worst environmental disaster in U, S. history. While the Gulf of Mexico may be back according to most environmentalists, there are thousands of businesses along the Gulf Coast that have not been compensated for their losses.

Now, because of the settlement confected by and between all of the parties to the litigation that has ensued, there is a fund of money set aside to pay for economic business losses and you DON’T even have to prove that the spill caused those losses!! If you can show a drop in gross revenues in 2010 compared to 2011, you may be eligible for money compensation.

Realtors, Medical Practices, Lawyers, Retailers, Contractors, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Suppliers, CPAs and others may qualify for a recovery!!
Cardone Law Firm has the knowledge and experience as well as the accounting formulas necessary to file your claims. Free consultation. No fees or expenses unless you make a recovery out of the funds that are already set aside for you. It’s a no brainer!!
All you have to do is Phone Cardone and we will do the rest for you. It’s really that simple.
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