“C” The Difference: The Journeys of our Attorneys with their Clients is the Cardone Difference

We handled this case for over 5 years, and needless to say, these two clients held a very special place in our heart, and they always will. We can truly say, God matched two great people together and it was a pleasure getting to know them both. A good attorney will learn everything they can about their clients. Their passions, their fears, their background – who they are. We did just that to put together this video story which was presented to the Defendants 1 month before trial.


This video story will take you on a journey with our clients. It’s a hard journey, and there is still a long road to go. We were able to successfully settle this case 3 days before trial. While we were ready to go, we were able to secure a fair and Personal-Injury-Truck-Accident-Attorney-New-Orleans-Cardone-Law-Cliff-Cardone-5-300x167reasonable settlement which would provide for our clients’ future needs.

One of our attorneys captured this entire clip. There are companies who do only legal videography and as a general rule of thumb a similar video from one of these companies could cost anywhere from $9,000-$15,000. Because we were able to do the legal videography in-house, we saved a large expense which saved more money for our clients. Moreover, the story comes across the best because it is directed by their own attorney who knows the most about them as their storyteller.

Personal-Injury-Truck-Accident-Attorney-New-Orleans-Cardone-Law-Cliff-Cardone-4-300x169After watching this video, you will understand these clients still have a long road ahead. We are collecting cards to send over the next few years as words of encouragement to our clients. If you would like to participate and send a kind word to our clients, please e-mail your words of encouragement or send a letter. We hope to have enough words of encouragement over the next 2 years as one client is coping with a brain injury due to the accident and the other is now his sole caregiver.


Words of Encouragement for the clients can be sent to:
Email: ccardone@cardonelaw.com
Mail: 829 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70113.


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