Louisiana Tourist Injured in a Car Wreck? Who do you Phone when the Big Easy Ain’t Easy?

In New Orleans, you don’t need an excuse to parade or party. Mardi Gras in particular is one of the biggest holidays in New Orleans generating an estimated $840 million dollars each year. While a vacation is supposed to be a time filled with fun, laughs and excitement – when you add the mass amounts of tourists in with the locals, copious amounts of alcohol and partying, you are bound to have a few accidents.

If you are vacationing in the Big Easy and are injured due to someone else’s carelessness, it’s crucial to know what steps to take next.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident; first, check on the well-being of other individuals involved in the accident if you’re physically able. If you or any other party has suffered even minor injuries you should get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. A doctor can document any injuries you’ve suffered as a result of the incident.


After you have checked on the well-being of others, you should call the police. When a police officer assigns fault you’ll have a better chance of being compensated for any physical injuries, medical bills and damaged property.

Once you alert the police, if you remain at the site of the incident, it is crucial that you get the other driver’s contact and insurance information, including the name of his insurance company and policy number. Do your best to get a home address and the phone number of the other person involved as well. You should also document the information of any witnesses to the accident so your attorney can speak with them at a later date. Take pictures of the vehicles before they are moved. If it’s unsafe to do so then take pictures of them at the scene once they are moved to a safe location. All this documentation is vital to your case.

When you are involved in an accident there are essential steps you should take prior to filing a lawsuit. At Cardone Law, we have a helpful checklist of things to do following an accident to make sure you are protected. Click here to read the article, “What to Do After a Car Accident.”

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After you have obtained the services of an attorney he will counsel you through the process of getting your car repaired as well as ensuring that you get appropriate medical care. If your case is ripe for settlement, he will negotiate with the insurance company in an effort to settle your case. If that fails then filing a lawsuit would be the next step.

Filing a Lawsuit

In Louisiana, it is not necessary to file a lawsuit immediately after being involved in a car accident. You have one (1) year in which to do so.  Out-of-state residents may bring lawsuits in Louisiana, thus allowing visitors and tourists to resolve legal issues in our state. Even if the other party was also visiting, the lawsuit may still be filed in the Parish where the accident took place.

One has the freedom to pursue a personal injury claim without any attorney; however, Louisiana follows the Napoleonic code which is different than the laws of any other state. Therefore, the chances of recovering fair compensation for all accident-related damages drastically increase with the help of an experienced New Orleans / Louisiana car accident lawyer.


State or Federal Court?

If an out-of-state resident is involved in an accident in Louisiana, he may have the choice to file a lawsuit in Louisiana State Court or in Federal Court, depending upon the circumstances. A seasoned Louisiana lawyer will be best equipped to offer guidance in making a suitable choice. Federal Court has very particular filing requirements that must be met before a lawsuit may be lodged there.

Car accidents happen every day, and being involved in a car accident while on vacation is undoubtedly a stressful experience that can dampen the mood of your trip. If you are involved in a collision as a tourist in Louisiana, it is important that you contact a Louisiana lawyer to fight vigorously on your behalf. You may be facing mounting medical bills, the repair or replacement of your vehicle, and the loss of money from time off of work. You deserve to take action against the person responsible for your pain, suffering, and financial loss.

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