The Dangers of Pothole Accidents In Louisiana

new orleans potholeLouisiana road conditions are ranked among some of the worst in the United States. This is especially true in New Orleans, where potholes are nearly unavoidable. A ride through the city can be very bumpy, and it may ultimately put a dent in your wallet.

Flat tires, rim damage, punctured exhaust pipes, broken axles, alignment problems and other damage to the body of the vehicle are just a few ways in which hitting a pothole can damage your automobile. A study done by the American Automobile Association revealed that potholes cost American drivers roughly $3 billion in vehicle repairs annually.

In addition to causing property damage, potholes can also cause an auto accident leaving drivers, cyclist, and pedestrians injured.

There are many reasons why a pothole accident can be so dangerous. Some of the most typical causes of these accidents are:

– A driver losing control of the vehicle after hitting a pothole at a high speed.
– The impact of going into a pothole may cause the vehicle to drift into other lanes causing accidents with oncoming drivers or even those traveling in the same directions.
– A driver causing a rear end collision after noticing a pothole and quickly stopping to avoid hitting it.
– Driving into a deep pothole and getting the wheel or the entire vehicle stuck.
– A cyclist being ejected from their bike after hitting a pothole.

Common Injuries that a victim may suffer after a pothole accident include head trauma, neck and spine damage, whiplash, tailbone injuries, and broken and fractured bones.

louisiana road conditionsSo, who is liable for accidents due to hazardous road conditions?

While the climate plays a major role in poor road conditions in Louisiana, neglect is also a major factor. Many roadways are built and maintained by city, state and federal agencies. These entities typically have a reasonable amount of time to discover and inspect poor road conditions and make any necessary repairs.

Many government entities are immune from being sued for damages. So, it is difficult to receive compensation after sustaining personal or property damage due to dangerous road conditions. In order to be successful, the victim of the accident due to poor road conditions must prove that: (1) poor conditions actually caused the damage to the vehicle and/or the injuries; and (2) the responsible agency was negligent in maintaining the road, or warning drivers about hazards on the road. This can be a challenging burden, so it is important to consult an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney who will ensure you receive rightful compensation.

In the event that another driver swerves to avoid hitting a pothole and collides with your vehicle, you have the right to sue that at-fault driver. This is because drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care and drive safely. They must be cautious of dangerous road conditions and take all possible steps to avoid an accident.

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