How Attorneys Use Quantum Books to Evaluate Your Cases

With the sheer amount of personal injury lawsuits that occur at any given time, wouldn’t it be simple if these cases were compiled in a book to determine the value of your personal injury case? Luckily, such books exist in the realm of law and competent lawyers can effectively evaluate your case by understanding precisely how to use them.

Our dedicated New Orleans personal injury lawyers at Cardone Law Firm have experience using quantum books to our client’s advantage and we want to shed a little light on how they are used to help properly evaluate your case.

What Are Quantum Books?

The amount of data that streams from individual personal injury cases is staggering, but with quantum books, much like Eason’s Louisiana Quantum Book, determining the value of your case is made easier.


Quantum books, not to be confused with the branch of physics, are a general guide as to the amounts that may be awarded to you in a personal injury claim based on past claims that have been awarded.

Identifying the Category of Injury

The books generally cover four main categories:

  • Head
  • Neck, Back, and Trunk
  • Arms
  • Legs

Within each category, injuries are categorized into three levels of severity coupled with a range of values provided for each level.

Understanding the Severity of the Injury

Once the injury has been identified within the proper injury category, the next step is to see where it falls under a level of severity.

In cases where you have recovered, yet are still suffering from ongoing symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day activities, a client would fall into the “substantially recovered” level of severity.

In other circumstances where you have suffered some form of permanent incapacity or limitation that has changed or restricted your previous lifestyle, “significant ongoing” would be the level of severity you would fall under.

Lastly, if your injuries are severe and cause major disruption to your life in a full spectrum of ways, cause you to have serious continuing pain, or require permanent medical attention, “serious and permanent conditions” is the category you would fit in.

Considering the Effect of Multiple Injuries

In cases where multiple injuries are sustained, the most grievous injury is used to determine the range of value you fall under. Any additional injuries may be included as a minor adjustment to the total found with the most serious injury.

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