Louisiana’s High Auto Insurance Rates

This March, Insure.com, released their annual review of state-by-state insurance rates and Louisiana, for the third year in a row, takes first place for highest rates. The national average in the U.S. is around $1,500 whereas the average annual rate for Louisiana drivers is a startling $2,699, nearly $200 more than second-place Michigan at $2,520. The report also examines annual income of state residents dedicated to car insurance, leaving Louisiana residents with an astounding 6.6% of annual income dedicated to auto-insurance.

Although rates do vary by locality, those based out of New Orleans suffer some of the higher rates. According to Louisiana State insurance commissioner Jim Donelon, “Orleans is 40 percent higher than the statewide average, St. Bernard is 30 percent higher, Jefferson 19 percent higher, and Plaquemines 15 percent higher.”

The factors going into calculating a state’s insurance rates are mainly based on market competition such as number of drivers and number of insurers. Other considerations are driving conditions, the state insurance system, claims filed, and the proportion of uninsured drivers to insured drivers on the road. Counterintuitively though, the more uninsured drivers lead to higher rates which lead to more drivers being unable to afford coverage.

As for driving conditions, Louisiana suffers from unfortunately high rate of natural disaster damage. Not only does the natural environment affect driving conditions but also road quality and associated costs of upkeep. Aside from nature directly affecting driving conditions, occasional local power outages decrease driving safety.

Louisiana, possibly as a result of the rates of underinsured and uninsured drivers, also ranks number one for personal injury claims. Louisiana personal injury suits also have a history of big settlements, at the cost of insurance companies. This leads to costs being distributed to drivers’ insurance policy premiums. In Louisiana, the insurance company is made a party to injury suits.

Certain cultural standards and state laws have a tendency to increase driving hazards. Loose regulations on drinking and lack of sufficient public transportation lead to an unfortunate amount of intoxicated drivers on the road.

One law, unique to Louisiana and enacted in 1993 by then-Governor Edwards to discourage excessive court costs, mandates that judges, not jurors, decide civil suits under $50,000. Such a mandate leaves those needing compensation to ensure they pick a qualified experienced personal injury attorney to guide them in the negotiation and litigation. This mandate does alleviate taxpayers of needing to support em-paneling of jurors to serve for civil auto accident suits.

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