Large Payout for Soft-Tissue Personal Injury Settlement

Automobile accidents come in every shape and size, and victims who are lucky enough to survive this encounter can’t always easily just walk away. The Cardone Law firm just recently secured a settlement for a client for $430,000 for her soft-tissue injuries. One of the most common forms of injury suffered as a result of an automobile accident is called a soft-tissue injury. A soft-tissue injury is an injury affecting nearly anything except bones and organs.

Typically when the term soft-tissue is used in the personal injury field, it is referring to an injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons, or other similar tissue which usually presents itself in the form of sprains, bruises, or shallow abrasions. Whiplash is a common form of a soft-tissue injury as it strains the neck and back of the victim. The most common form of treatment for a soft-tissue injury is embodied in the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation)

Leah, commuting in New Orleans, was involved in a low-impact accident when the defendant, driving a BMW, disregarded a stop sign and crashed into Leah’s vehicle. Leah had extensive pain associated with her injuries plus unexpected medical costs that she needed to now pay. The defendant insurance company didn’t feel that Leah could have possibly sustained such painful and longstanding injuries from such a minor accident.

Our experienced legal team was able to secure a settlement for Leah in the amount of $430,000.00. This amount ensured Leah received proper compensation for the injuries she suffered, both short and long term. As such, justice was served.

Things to remember:
If you are injured in a car accident it is important to exchange insurance information (even in minor fender benders should future injuries present themselves), contact your insurance company and contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Remember, in Louisiana you only have one year within which to file a lawsuit. Should you fail to file a suit timely, you will forever lose your rights to recover any compensation whatsoever. An experienced personal injury attorney is familiar with this prescriptive period in Louisiana.
By the way, if you have suffered property damage to your vehicle along with your personal injury, you not only have a right to recover for the repair to your car, but you may also recover money for the diminished value of your repaired automobile! Typically, most attorney’s fail to make a Diminished Value claim on behalf of people who have sustained property damage to their vehicles. We at the Cardone Law Firm always determine if such a claim exists for our clients..

As a side note, Louisiana is a “comparative fault” jurisdiction with regard to personal injury negligence. “Comparative fault” means that even a party partially at fault in a personal injury action may recover for their damages. However, this amount may be reduced by the amount of responsibility of that party. You should not settle away a valid claim because you feel partially responsible.

Negotiations with experienced and savvy insurance adjusters should not be taken lightly. Those coming to the table against insurance companies must be reminded that they are settling and ending any possible suit for property damage, personal injury, medical costs, and many other remedies available under Louisiana law. A knowledgeable Louisiana car accident attorney is vital in calculating all applicable forms of compensation.

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