CAUTION! Watch Where You’re Walking

knee hit on trailer hitchHave you ever been walking down a sidewalk or in a parking lot and almost struck your leg on a trailer hitch? What about a luggage carrier or bike rack protruding from the back of a car? Or maybe you were in a retail store or some other place of business and a shelf or an electrical outlet box was sticking out too far.

Many times pedestrians, invitees, or patrons will be walking in the grocery store or just walking down the street when they strike a protruding object. It is possible that they did not see the object or maybe they saw it but did not have enough time to react before hitting it. Either way, these hazards may cause an individual to trip, slip, or fall to the ground which, in turn, can cause a serious injury.

Coming in contact with a protruding object may leave you with just a bruise or scrape, but it could also very well leave you seriously injured or dead. Serious injuries that could result from this type of accident include:

• Broken and Fractured Bones
• Neck and Spine Injuries
Head and Brain Injuries
• Disfigurement
• Amputations
• Concussions

Areas with heavy foot traffic such as walkways, aisles, paths, sidewalks, hallways, etc. should be clear of any objects that could harm guests or cause them to slip, trip or fall. Pedestrians and patrons should be able to walk freely without constantly being on the lookout for protruding objects.

warning signThe American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that all objects on exterior or interior ways of passage comply with specified protrusion limits. ANSI 307.2 states that objects with leading edges between 27 and 80 inches above the floor can protrude a maximum of 4 inches horizontally into walkways, halls, corridors, passageways, and aisles. An exception to this rule is handrails, which can protrude 4 ½ inches into the circular path. These rules are especially important for those who are visually impaired and cannot see the protrusions.

If your accident happens on private property, the property owner has a duty to keep that area safe and free of obstacles. If the property owner breaches this duty, then they may be held liable for your injuries. However, the successfulness of the case may depend on if the dangerous area was accompanied by a warning sign.

In addition to the injury itself, an accident may leave you with hefty medical bills and/ or the inability to work. Depending on how serious the injury is, you may have to have surgery, physical therapy, or constant doctor visits, which becomes a financial burden. If your injury causes you to be out of work, it may be hard to pay these bills with little to no income.

phone cardoneIf you are left in this situation, you may be entitled to damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. I have successfully represented clients who have been seriously injured after striking their legs on protruding objects such as electrical outlet boxes or trailer hitches, which required them to have surgery. Contact an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve after your personal injury accident.

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