3 Quick Safety Tips for Your Family’s Commute This Upcoming School Season

back_to_school-2-300x200It is just about time to part with summer vacation and welcome in the new back-to-school season.

This particular time of the year can be quite hectic for travel. With increased traffic as young adults and teenagers who are first-time drivers take to the road, streets will once again be filled with buses picking up and dropping off students and bike riders and pedestrians arriving at their respective destinations. 

Since the roads will be bustling with this kind of activity here soon, the car accident lawyers of Cardone Law Firm have a few tips and precautions that can help you navigate through all of the commotion.

  1. Wake Up Early and Prepare the Night Before

While we can’t control how others around you drive or behave, we can take initiative and practice behaviors that will help protect us and our children during the early morning commotion. 

One way to achieve this is by giving yourself sufficient time to commute to your destination. Running late can lead to speeding and careless driving, which in turn can lead to devastating consequences during a school rush. 

Remember, being late is not worth getting into an accident. It is best to prevent the situation altogether and practice proper time management.

Try waking up 30 minutes earlier. Also try preparing the family’s day the night before to make your morning less stressful and to prevent tardiness. Getting your children’s clothes ready the night before, for example, is a lot less stressful and more time efficient rather than choosing outfits in the morning.

  1. Avoid Distractions and Remain Focused on the Road

Another way to help cope with the upcoming back to school rush is to prevent distractions and lower stressors.

Mornings often come with crankiness, stress, and distractions that can overwhelm you on the road. To combat this, have a conversation with your children about proper behavior while you’re driving. Let them know the importance of driving safety and how that requires you having your full attention on the road. 

It’s also very important to not only be alert and focused on the road, but to also practice proper driving etiquette. Keep a good distance from the car ahead of you so you have plenty of time to react to potential car accident.

  1. Educate Your Children on Bus Safety

You trust school personnel to take care of your children when they get on the bus, and while they do have adequate safety procedures, sometimes accidents can happen. 

To mitigate injury, have an honest conversation with your children about their safety in and around the school bus.

It is important to teach them that while they wait for the bus, they must stay at a safe distance of 6 feet away from the curb. At this distance, the bus driver can clearly see your children at all times. Children must also be vigilant of any moving vehicles nearby.

While on the bus, remind your children to remain seated and to buckle up if the bus has seat belts. Loud talking or noises can also be a distraction to the driver, so recommend that your children use “inside voices” so the bus driver can safely navigate your children to and from home. 

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By practicing safe driving techniques and teaching our children about proper bus safety, we can decrease the chances of being involved in a devastating car accident. However, even when we take proper safety measures, unexpected situations can still happen.

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