WGNO Legal Analyst Weighs in on Newest Delay in Frickey Trial

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — There could be more delays in the case against the four teens accused of the 2022 fatal carjacking and dismembering of Linda Frickey.

Officials say a small amount of DNA was found at the scene. Two defense attorneys want to hire their own individual experts to test the DNA, but due to the size of the sample, they cannot be tested at the same time by separate DNA experts. They argue that the DNA test could take between six and nine weeks to complete.

“Each and every defendant has the right to their own expert to test the sample being given. The problem is if there’s not enough to go around. Then, the attorneys will be jockeying for position, and it will cause unnecessarily another delay. Because witnesses’ memories fade, their willingness to testify might be reduced.” Cardone said in criminal cases that, the more delays, the more the advantage the defendants could have.

Another court hearing is set for Sept. 19. Currently, jury selection is scheduled to begin on Nov. 20. Judge Kimya Holmes said it will most likely take about six days for jury selection.

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