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When you’re injured in a vehicle accident, there are several decisions you’ll need to make. One of the key ones will be whether to settle or to proceed with your case all the way to trial. When you make that decision, you’ll want to be armed with as much information as you can obtain. What if, however, you settle your case based upon disclosures made by your opponent and, only after the settlement, discover that those statements may have been false? Whether it is making the choice to settle or not, or responding to potential misconduct by the opposing side, it is well worth your while to have an experienced Louisiana car accident attorney by your side to provide your case with the representation needed, regardless of the twists and turns your case may take.

A plaintiff who found himself in such a situation was Russell, a driver who was pulling a flatbed trailer along Interstate 10 west of Baton Rouge when he was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by a man named Mark. That pickup truck was owned by a leasing company owned by Mark and his wife and insured by State Farm. After the accident, Mark signed a document stating that he engaged in strictly personal activity when the crash took place and that the State Farm policy was the only insurance that could potentially provide Russell with payment to cover his injuries.

Sometimes, a person who goes into court suing for damages is someone who was nearly 100% healthy prior to her accident, only to suffer serious afflictions after the crash. Proving that the accident caused her injuries may be relatively straightforward for that injured person. Many times, though, reality is not so black-and-white. An injured person may have pre-existing health problems, perhaps even several such conditions. Just because you have pre-existing conditions — even serious ones — doesn’t mean that you cannot win your case and do not deserve to receive damages. You deserve to receive fair compensation regardless of your medical past and you should contact a knowledgeable Louisiana injury attorney to help you make sure you get that compensation.

A recent case from Evangeline Parish involved such a litigant with pre-existing conditions. Two women were driving along a four-lane road in 2013 when they collided. Each described very different versions of the accident, with each pinning the blame on the other. The rear driver, L.A., sued for her injuries, which included harm to her back, both legs, right arm and right shoulder. The case went to trial and the jury found each driver to be 50% at fault. The jury also found that L.A. suffered no injury in the accident and was entitled to no damages.

So you’ve hit a cow in your vehicle….now what?

There are certain challenges that motorists driving through the French Quarter, the Garden District, the Central Business District or most any part of New Orleans must face. Heavy traffic and numerous intersections can lead to rear-end crashes, turn accidents and distracted driving collisions. At the same time, there are certain possible hazards that Louisianans driving through New Orleans may be free from, but that may pose a real threat once you get away from the city.

insurancecompanyinsurancecarrier-300x211One of the most frequent questions I get asked is: Which insurance company should I go through to handle my property damage after an accident? My own company or the insurance company for the person who hit me?

I’m a Louisiana auto injury attorney here to explain.

howmuchkneeinjuryworth-300x225Knee injuries in auto accidents are extremely common. Often clients come to us with the question: How much is my knee injury worth? This article will cover the basics of everything you need to know about the value of your knee injury in Louisiana.


Not everyone who is hurt in an accident has a personal injury claim. In order to have a successful case, you need several things. Among them, you need evidence that the accident caused your injuries. You also need to shows that the defendant you sued had a “duty,” or legal obligation that it failed to do or failed to do sufficiently.

There are some things that a property always has a duty to do, such as correcting, or warning about, dangerous conditions on the property. There are other things that a property owner does not automatically have a legal obligation to do, but a duty can arise if the person/entity attempted but was negligent in the attempt. This called “assuming the duty” and it possibly can help you in your premises liability case. As always, be sure to consult an experienced New Orleans injury attorney about the specifics of your situation and the options available to you.

Mardi Gras’ Krewe of Endymion is normally a time of great fun and frivolity in New Orleans. That joyous atmosphere was dampened in 2017, though, when a drunk driver plowed into a Mid-Town crowd watching the Krewe of Endymion parade. That crash sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital. It also led one of the victims to sue the driver, according to a recent report. If you have been injured as a pedestrian, you should make the effort to consult with an experienced New Orleans pedestrian accident attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and which options might work best for you.

The woman who filed the lawsuit, Allison, was one of the 32 people injured when a drunk driver slammed into a crowd of onlookers at the corner of North Carrollton and Orleans Avenues. The driver was later tested for his blood-alcohol content, and his test yielded a result of .232, which is almost three times the legal limit, according to the report.

Many of us are familiar with the phrase “he said, she said.” This can often refer to a case in family court. Sometimes, an auto accident case can present a similar situation, when there isn’t much evidence, and the testimony of the drivers involved paint two very different pictures. Many times, this type of situation may be challenging for an injured plaintiff to win. That is not always the case, though, if the facts of the case indicate that the injured driver is entitled to the benefit of something called a legal “presumption.” Using various legal concepts like presumptions can be an important part of a successful case. For more information about your case and which presumptions might help you succeed, reach out to a knowledgeable Louisiana truck accident attorney.

When you are injured in an commercial truck accident in Louisiana, it is extremely important to retain experienced Louisiana truck accident counsel right away, and to pursue your case in a timely and persuasive manner. It is essential to make sure you’ve put your “best foot forward” when you go to trial because, win or lose, it is generally hard to get most trial court verdicts overturned on appeal. One recent case highlights this, with the Louisiana Court of Appeal expressly noting that the plaintiff’s award was “on the high side,” but it was still required to be upheld and enforced.

Any type of injury case can involve multiple steps (or multiple parties) toward obtaining your successful outcome. There can be motions to compel discovery, motions for default judgment, motions for summary judgment, motions to amend, and many more techniques. All of this may sound very technical, but what it’s meant to show is that, to give yourself the best chance of getting the fullest recovery in your case, it pays to retain experienced New Orleans truck accident attorneys who are knowledgeable in these strategies and more.

An example of this type of case was a straightforward rear-end accident with a truck that still required many types of legal procedural steps. The litigation began when two dump trucks collided in Belle Chasse. Specifically, Michael’s truck rear-ended Carlos’ truck while both drivers were waiting to unload their loads. Michael’s employer’s auto insurance company paid Carlos $8,700 for the damage done to his dump truck by the accident.