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“GET THE POLICE REPORT!” It is a statement that we hear quite often from clients whenever there is an auto accident and there is a dispute as to who is at fault. And while a police report is important to your claim, some may be surprised to learn that a report is not the end all be all for your case.

Yes…police reports do serve as a very useful piece of evidence after a car accident. They identify parties and witnesses, provide narratives and statements of what happened, help in establishing fault, and provide basic information surrounding the incident. Sometimes, officers will even state which party they believe is responsible for the accident and if any citations were issued as a result. Essentially, these reports can be used effectively in settlement negotiations with the insurance company as they contain a significant number of facts and typically paint a clear picture of the accident.

uninsured motoristA legendary basketball coach was invited to give an inspirational speech to religious leaders. Midway through the speech the group broke for refreshments. Two punch drinks were offered…. One, was spiked for the Catholics, the second was unspiked for the Baptists.

The coach was talking to a rather self-important Baptist minister who mistakenly took a sip of the spiked punch. When he realized that the punch was spiked, he defiantly poured it back into the punch bowl, telling the coach…”I’d rather commit adultery than drink spiked punch.” To which the coach dryly responded, “by God, I didn’t know I had a choice”! ADULTERY OR SPIKED PUNCHED?

gangwayBoarding a cruise ship can be very exciting. This usually means you are in for some relaxation and fun. But what happens if you are injured on the gangway before the excitement even starts? What if your method of entering and exiting the vessel presents an unsafe condition?

Essentially, a gangway is the narrow ramp used to bridge the gap between the land and the vessel so that passengers can board and exit the ship. They are typically positioned at an incline and have handrails and textured floors to prevent slips or falls. However, sometimes conditions are not safe, as such, and accidents happen on these gangways.

Tailer Hitch“There is barely any damage to your vehicle!” This is a common phrase that the at-fault driver’s insurance company may try to dismiss or diminish the extent of your injuries because of minor damage to your vehicle after an accident. While it may be true that your vehicle has minimal damage, the adjuster may be disregarding the fact that your vehicle had a trailer hitch attached to the rear of it.

We have all seen vehicles, especially larger trucks, with a trailer hitch attached to them. They may be used to transport boats, trailers, campers, etc. Even if the hitch is not in use, individuals often leave them attached year-round. While they may seem harmless, trailer hitches actually pose great danger.

Now that Governor Edwards rescinded the Proclamation Order preventing injured patients from suing healthcare providers for Ordinary negligence, we are presently taking Medical Malpractice cases. During the course of the Pandemic injured patients could only make claims against healthcare providers for so called gross negligence, only. The purpose of the Proclamation was to lessen the burden placed on the healthcare profession by the thousands of people in need of medical care. So, in essence, the profession got a free pass for careless medical acts. I don’t agree with the Proclamation especially where it gave non-frontline healthcare providers, such as orthopedists who never had to treat a patient for Covid symptoms, relief from their breach of the standard of care.

That being said we, as malpractice attorneys, are now in the position to take new medical malpractice cases. So, if you or a loved one is the victim of medical malpractice PHONE CARDONE at 504-522-3333 or you can reach us on our toll free number 888-89CARDONE. You can also visit my website for more information about medical breaches by healthcare providers.

mediationIt has been nearly two months since Hurricane Ida swept through southeast Louisiana leaving homeowners and business owners devastated. By now, many individuals have filed a claim with their insurance company to begin to recover for any losses.

As previously mentioned, homeowners typically have 180 days to file an insurance claim after a hurricane, unless the deadline is extended. Once submitted, the insurance company will review your claim and either deny or approve your claim. However, you may want to contact an attorney to protect your rights in the event that a disagreement arises between you and the insurance company.  Disputes often arise between policy holders and the insurance company when a claim is denied, payments are being delayed, or the damages were undervalued and underpaid.

hurricane ida damageOnce a storm passes and the sky begins to settle, reality kicks in. Many people are left with destruction and just want to get their lives back on track again. This usually means that individuals must start reaching out to their insurance company and file a claim for damages. So, what are the time limits to be mindful of when dealing with hurricane damage claims?

Generally, if an individual is unable to come to an agreement with their insurance company to cover their losses after a catastrophic event like Hurricane Ida, he or she has the right to file a lawsuit. According to La. R.S. 22:868(B), the lawsuit must be initiated within 24 months after the date of loss . Even if the matter is still in dispute with the insurance company, the lawsuit must be filed within two years from the date of damage.

hurricane evacuation route signGetting back on your feet after a storm can be exhausting, especially when trying to deal with your insurance company. In early September, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, urged insurance companies to pay evacuation expenses of policyholders affected by Hurricane Ida.

A majority of homeowners policies include coverage for additional living expenses (ALE). This coverage is intended to cover costs when individuals cannot access their homes due to an evacuation order, physical barriers, or hazardous road conditions blocking entry. It generally extends up to two weeks following a disaster if you were ordered to evacuate, but it will extend for a longer period if the home is deemed uninhabitable.

women driving carIn an instant, you or a loved one may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being involved in an automobile accident. But, did you know that women are more likely to be injured or killed as a result of these accidents.

A new study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that women are much more likely to suffer a serious injury in a car accident than men. While men are involved in more deadly crashes than women, women are 20-28 percent more likely to be killed on a per- crash basis. They are also 37-73 percent more likely to be seriously injured after speed and other considerations are factored in.

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