Who’s responsible If I am Injured on a Cruise?

cruise shipTaking a cruise is popular vacation for many people. Each year, approximately 28 million people set sail for some relaxation and fun. You may find yourself dining in, swimming, shopping, rock climbing, ziplining, surfing, etc. However, your dream vacation can quickly become a nightmare if you find yourself becoming injured while on a cruise ship.

Although a cruise ship can contain many fun activities conveniences for its passengers, it also presents many dangers. The most common types of cruise ship accidents include:

Slip and fall. This is likely the most common injury on a cruise ship. In fact, slip and falls cause almost 45% of injuries aboard. Defective lighting on deck, slippery floors or even luggage in the hallway can all cause you to fall and sustain an injury.

Elevator or escalator. When an elevator or escalator malfunctions, passengers can fall, be jolted, or get body parts trapped within the machine, resulting in serious injuries or even death.

Gangway accidents. Embarking and disembarking from the ship requires you to walk down the gangway. Sometimes, these walkways may not be properly attached or are slippery which poses danger.

Collisions. It not uncommon for cruise ships to get in accidents too. A ship may collide with another vessel or even an object in the ocean or at the port.

Recreational activities. The latest cruise ships have more activities than you could imagine ever having while at sea. There is rock climbing, ziplining, skydiving, and other water activities. With all these new amenities, also comes higher risk of injury.

Cruise ship fires. This typically occurs due to malfunctioning equipment or neglect of safety procedures by ship passengers or crew members. This may cause burns, scars, and disfigurement. It can also cause personal injury by being trampled in a large crowd. During a fire, cruise ship personnel must maintain order among the boat passengers to prevent injuries from occurring.

Drowning. While on a cruise ship you are surrounded by great amounts of water. Passengers can drown in swimming pools, hot tubs, or in the Gulf if they fall overboard.

Under the Maritime Law and the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010, cruise ship operators must exercise reasonable care for their passengers’ safety. Not only should the ship have an adequately trained and licensed captain aboard, but it should also have sufficiently trained medical staff and crew members on board in the case of an emergency.

Even if you abide by all safety protocols set in place by the cruise line, an accident can still happen when we least expect them. If you are injured while on a cruise, report the incident immediately and seek proper medical care. If you find yourself in the situation of being injured while on a cruise, let us help you navigate your claim.

When the negligence of a cruise ship employee causes a passenger’s injury, the passenger may have a legal right to compensation. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident on a cruise ship which departed from New Orleans, call us today for a free consultation! PHONE CARDONE at 504-522-3333, 833-597-1818 (toll-free), 225-706-3920 (Baton Rouge office), or email us at c@phonecardone.com

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