Louisiana Rains Lead to Increase in Personal and Property Damages

Home damage and personal injuriesIn the last weeks of March, rainstorms and flooding led to extensive damage for many homeowners. Currently, the estimate is over 75 houses in the surrounding areas of Baton Rouge were damaged.Volunteers for Red Cross and Salvation Army were on the scene to assist needy residents.

Not all homes are accounted for that may have suffered rain damage, and it is important to know what may and may not be recoverable from home insurance in the case of home damage as a result of rainy weather. Generally, homeowner insurance does not cover flooding damages but water damage that was due to a storm, or was permitted to get into your home because of damage made by the storms winds, may be covered. Water damage that was the result of possibly negligent upkeep, such as leaky pipes, would not likely be covered. It is a homeowner’s responsibility to limit and mitigate damages in the event of a storm. Two major steps are the safe removal of water to prevent mold and the attentive repairing of holes and broken windows caused by the storm.

In the insurance process, you will want a qualified attorney to assist in the report of your potential claims to ensure prompt and accurate insurance payout and limit potential personal negligent liability for your damages.

Rain storm damage does not cease at property damage bur rather many personal injury cases are founded on slip and falls or other injuries from rain created hazards. This month a Louisiana woman filed suit against a grocery store for an injury sustained from a slippery floor wet from the rain.

Automobile damage
Slippery roads and hazardous driving conditions leave many people with auto damage from a number of sources. Falling tree branches, flooding, and weather related accidents can often lead to thousands of dollars in repairs if you can properly file suit against responsible parties and secure your deserved insurance settlement. Furthermore, personal injuries can amount to additional short term and long term costs. In severe cases, wrongful death suits may need to be brought on behalf of someone involved in one of these accidents. Tragically, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that approximately 11% of traffic fatalities stem from accidents involving hazardous weather. Contact a qualified attorney to assist you in getting what’s rightfully yours and defending you from wrongful liability.

Quick What-to-do
Most Louisianans rely on their vehicle to get to work and home, rain or shine. However, should you be unable to operate your vehicle in hazardous weather conditions it is vital to limit your risk to others and yourself. Remain in your vehicle and stay calm. Keep one window cracked for air circulation and ensure the vehicle is off or, if on, the exhaust pipe is clear of obstruction. Carefully attach a bright visible signal, such as a plastic bag or cloth, to your vehicle to alert other drivers in reduced visibility.

Here at Cardone Law, we understand the suffering rainstorms can leave on a community, both financially and personally, and the troubles for those needing compensation during a vulnerable time. Whether it’s a claim against a negligent driver or premises owner or filing for insurance disbursements, we can aid in maximizing your potential reimbursement and limiting your liability. If you or a loved one has suffered due to the rainstorms, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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