How Much Compensation Can I Expect for My Broken Bone Injury?


Suffering a broken/fractured bone in a car or truck accident can be painful and costly. Naturally, you’ll want to understand how your injury might affect the compensation you can recover. The settlement or award you receive will help you to cover medical costs, damages suffered as a result of not being able to work, and trauma you have been put through.

One common question we are frequently asked here at is, “How much is my case worth?” Because every case and injury is unique, it is difficult to give an exact number. However, certain factors affect a settlement, which your New Orleans personal injury attorney at Cardone Law Firm is fully aware of.

By better understanding these factors, you’ll have a better grasp of how your broken bone injury will be valued.

Common Bone Injuries Suffered in Car/Truck Accidents

The impact of a collision can force your body into unnatural positions that can lead to fractures or broken bones. Because it is a natural defense mechanism to attempt to brace yourself with your arms/hands, injuries to these appendages frequently happen.

Common bone injuries suffered in a car or truck accident include:

  • Broken Legs – Tibia and fibula fractures are very common leg injuries.
  • Femur Fracture – Femurs are susceptible to injury especially in high-impact collisions.
  • Broken Ribs – The impact of hitting an airbag, steering wheel, or even the force of a seatbelt locking can lead to a broken rib.
  • Pelvis Fracture – Pelvis injuries are common in motorcycle accidents.
  • Facial/Skull Fracture – These types of injuries are especially scary as they can also come with traumatic brain injuries. They often happen when the driver hits the steering wheel or other components in the vehicle.
  • Arm/Wrist Fracture – As previously mentioned, bracing for a collision can lead to this type of injury.
  • Back Injuries – Rear-end collisions can lead to spinal disc injuries.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, you may not even realize you have suffered an injury at first. This is why it is important to seek out medical care following an accident. Medical professionals can help to uncover any hidden injuries and properly treat them.

Failing to properly care for your broken bone(s) can lead to bigger health issues down the road.

Classification of Broken Bones

The severity of your broken bone injury will play a big factor in how much financial recovery you are able to secure. The classification of a broken bone generally falls into the following categories:

  • Hairline Fracture – Least severe type of broken bone injury. A hairline fracture is a very thin and small crack in the bone. These can still be painful for some individuals while others may not realize it at first.
  • Stable Fracture – The ends of the broken bone line up.
  • Compound Fracture – This includes severe types of broken bone injuries. The bone has received cracks in several different areas. Typically requires months to heal. Can include open fractures, which is when the bone pierces through the skin.
  • Oblique Fracture – The bone is broken at an angle.
  • Displaced Fracture – A piece of bone is broken off.
  • Transverse Fractures – This type of injury occurs when an outside forces apply pressure on the bone and break it. The bone is fractured horizontally.
  • Spiral Fractures – When the bone is broken due to a twisting motion.

The classification of your bone injury will affect how much compensation you can recover. For instance, a small hairline fracture which requires minimal treatment will not affect your life as severely as a compound fracture which breaks through the skin. Thus, you will not be awarded as much for your hairline fracture as you would for a compound fracture or some other more severe type of fracture.

Additional Factors That Affect Your Settlement

Alongside the type of broken bone injury you have suffered, several additional factors will affect the recovery you are able to obtain. These factors include:

  • How your quality of life has been affected. Were you left with chronic pain or a permanent disability? Will these damages require life care services? These changes to your quality of life will increase your recovery.
  • Lost wages or reduction of future income. If your injury caused you to miss substantial amounts of work or if they affect your ability to ever return to work, then you may be able to recover compensation for this.
  • The total cost of medical care. Your medical fees – including past, present, and future expenses – will be figured into the amount you can recover. This includes damages for prescription medications, rehabilitation, surgeries, and other medical expenses.
  • Emotional and mental trauma. Victims of severe car wrecks and injuries can suffer serious emotional and mental damages for which compensation can be recovered.
  • The defendant’s level of liability. Louisiana is a comparative fault state. If you were partially at fault for the accident, then the amount of compensation you will be able to secure is reduced by the percentage for which you are at fault.

If you suffered a catastrophic broken bone injury in a car accident as the result of another party, then you need to contact our New Orleans law firm right now. Our attorney is committed, dependable, and trustworthy. At the Cardone Law Firm, we take great pride in delivering meaningful attention to each of our clients. You are NOT just another case and you deserve dedicated legal care. We know what it takes to secure a successful settlement and will devote ourselves to your needs.

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