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One of the most frequently asked questions our New Orleans personal injury attorneys receive from car accident victims is – “How much is my personal injury case is worth?” As every individual case is different, with a variety of factors taken into consideration to evaluate the value of the suit, it can be challenging to provide a simple answer that covers every unique scenario.

Generally speaking, however, we understand which factors are taken into account when determining the value of your case, as well as the types of damages (or compensation) that you may receive from your claim. Trust in the dependable Louisiana personal injury attorneys of Cardone Law Firm to provide you with the most valuable information and stability you deserve to get your life back on track.

When it comes to understanding the value of your personal injury case and the type of damages that you may receive, consider the following information.

Cardone-Law-Firm-Auto-Accident-300x225Sometimes, the facts of your case may look ominous, giving you the fear that your case is hopeless. You should not give up without consulting an attorney first. An experienced injury attorney may have knowledge of the law that could make your case more viable than you might initially think. In a recent case, an injured woman’s lawsuit against two business entities was revived based upon a favorable Louisiana Supreme Court ruling issued back in 2013 that forced the lower courts to allow the case to proceed.

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