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Avoid-Truck-AccidentAfter a serious or tragic event, it can be very important for the individual going through the ordeal to talk about it. When it comes to an accident with a commercial truck, it’s no different. But did you know that venting, especially on social media, can ruin your chances of winning your truck accident claim?

At the Cardone Law Firm, we understand that these types of events are traumatic, and sometimes speaking to someone can make you feel better. That’s what our New Orleans truck accident attorneys are here for. We will gladly lend an ear for a free legal consultation to determine if you’ve got a case. It could be the first step you need to get the recovery you deserve.

Also, please make sure to consider the following if you or a loved one is having to deal with being a victim of a commercial truck accident.

We understand that a commercial truck accident can be a frightening and chaotic experience to endure. What matters most, however, is that you seek the medical attention you need following an accident.

After you’ve obtained the care that you need, it’s time to gather up all the facts. That includes the accident report. Your New Orleans truck accident attorneys at the Cardone Law Firm want to help you by giving you the lowdown on how to get one.

Consider the following information for obtaining your accident report. This is a vital document you will need if you want to have a chance of receiving the recovery you deserve.

Video footage may seem like standard evidence only in criminal cases, but the truth is that video footage can also help you when an insurance company tries to call foul in your truck accident claim.

While dashboard cameras in passenger cars are technically illegal in the state of Louisiana because of windshield obstruction, that doesn’t mean that the potential to protect yourself is limited. There are still a number of viable legal options you may have regarding video footage and your New Orleans attorneys at the Cardone Law Firm can help you uncover exactly what these are.

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you don’t have to fight alone. Trust in the dependable team at Cardone Law Firm to help you obtain the recovery that is rightfully yours. Below you’ll find information regarding video footage that can help you in your truck accident case.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 3,986 people perished in large truck crashes in 2016. Out of that total, 66 percent were occupants of cars and other passenger-type vehicles.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), along with individual states, sets clear safety regulations for all commercial vehicles that must be followed in order for 18-wheelers to operate within each state. However, when commercial trucking companies choose to forgo proper protocols by ignoring or barely enforcing these safety regulations, the risk of serious motor vehicle accidents increases – meaning you may have to pay for it.

It is a serious concern that, unfortunately, we here at Cardone Law Firm deal with frequently. Our truck accident lawyers in New Orleans know the ins-and-outs of these safety procedures and have seen firsthand what happens when they are ignored. The good news is you don’t have to fight these negligent companies alone.

In 2015, accidents involving large trucks took 3,598 lives and injured 83,000 more, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

While it may seem that a driver of an 18-wheeler may have a significant sight advantage over other passenger cars because of its height, the opposite is actually true. Commercial trucks have big blind spots and if you’re driving right beside one, you could be seconds away from a serious accident.

Your New Orleans attorneys at Cardone Law Firm take great pride in fighting for those who have, unfortunately, been involved in a large truck accident. We have been around long enough to see many cases where accidents could have been avoided if the driver of the semi-truck would have properly considered their blind spots. Because they have very limited vision of what is going on around them, drivers should be cautious and take the following information into consideration when driving near an 18-wheeler.

18-Wheeler-FailureIn the early morning hours of December 18, 2017, an 18-wheeler flipped over on I-10 East in Louisiana, effectively bringing Gonzales traffic to a standstill. It took three hours to clear the scene which included a roadway drenched with diesel fuel leaking from the big rig.

At its worst, traffic delay reached 7 miles in length. Luckily, no one was killed as a result of this accident.

While it may be uncertain as to what exactly caused this particular 18-wheeler to tip, often times it can be attributed to a failure of some sort within these large trucks. At Cardone Law Firm, we have worked in a variety of 18-wheeler accident and personal injury cases. Our dedicated and trusted New Orleans attorneys recognize that a mechanical failure in these gigantic vehicles can quickly lead to tragedy.

Tragedy befell commuters in DeSoto Parish that ultimately changed many lives in Bunkie, LA.

Shortly before 7 p.m. on December 22, 2017, 24-year-old Bunkie native Hudson Lyles Bain, traveling in his 2011 GMC pickup, rear-ended the back of an 18-wheeler on I-49 for reasons yet to be determined.

To make a dire situation much worse, another 18-wheeler, operated by Irving native Jacob Ruben Tennell, impacted Bain’s pickup from behind, causing both vehicles to catch fire.